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Payment system Payeer

Payyer payment system - review

The Payeer team has focused on international work. Today, customers in more than 200 countries around the world use the personal wallet of this system.

A distinctive feature of the project is the provision of a wide technical functionality. It is the reason for flexibility of work. An example of this approach is the integration of a large list of payment systems for replenishing wallets and withdrawing funds.

The company that managing the service is PAYEER Ltd. Its official registration took place in 2012. Currently, the company has offices in three countries: Russia, England and Georgia.

Security level and verification

Payeer users get the opportunity to protect their account. In particular, the system offers the possibility of restricting access through pin-code activation. User received it each time when confirming the entry or transaction via a convenient communication channel (this can be Telegram or SMS message). Additionally, it is possible to configure the MasterKey service, which allows user to recover access passwords; however, it is not necessary when integrating with Telegram.

User can work with the wallet without verification; it is based on the confirming the email address. However, users who have not confirmed their identity do not have access to the all payment system capabilities: they are significantly cut by limits.

To verify, user has to providede scans of two documents confirming the full name, date of birth and address of registration.

Commissions in the system

The average system performance is 0% - 2.8% per transaction. Fees may vary; it is depend on current agreements with providers and partners. Users receive advance warnings about any changes to the Payeer.

Additional features: working with Payeer card

Previously, all users of the system were offered to work with the Payeer Mastercard. Unfortunately, according to the innovations of October 9, 2017, this option was reserved exclusively for EU citizens. The decision was made on the basis of the bill on the control of anonymous electronic means of payment.Eurozone users can use a plastic card of the payment system to deposit and withdraw funds at ATMs around the world, as well as to pay for purchases.

Payeer in business

Payeer online wallet also offers great opportunities for the business sector. Mass payments can be organized for customers from a list of more than 200 countries around the world with it. This opportunity is based on the integration of the API protocol with the online service.

Important! The payment service also supports working with cryptocurrencies for exchangers.

To open a business wallet, in addition to the standard KYC procedure (know your client), it will also need to provide information about the company.

Earnings with Payeer

The Payeer offers its users a range of opportunities to earn and reduce costs, which are concentrated within the framework of the presented referral program. Participation in it is available to any user.

To do it, user has to place a link or banner leading to Payeer through a personal referral address. The features of the offer are:

The offer is particularly relevant for the Payeer business segment.

Pros and cons of Payeer: user reviews

Determining the basic qualities of a payment system is often impossible without practical experience. To understand the pros and cons of Payeer, information from user reviews was drawn.



Summing up

Payeer provides users a certain range of really beneficial services. However, commissions for certain positions do not allow Payeer has full competition with other payment systems. Despite some restrictive policies towards users in the Russian Federation and several other countries, the project continues to evolve.